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Special Product Review – FresheTech Solar Powered Outdoor Speaker.

Today we wanted to discuss a top rated outdoor speaker in a special product review. We typically focus on a number of the top rated items in different categories but sometimes a particular product really stands out.

It can stand out because of a number of different reasons such as quality, uniqueness or special features.

Today’s special product review comes from our best wireless outdoor speakers category.

This outdoor speaker is wireless, solar powered, bluetooth and looks cool. It even has a light!

Overall, we absolutely love the concept and features of this top rated outdoor speaker. We highly recommend it and hope you like it as well. It will arrive all in one piece and give you great sound as soon as it is set up. This best outdoor speaker is loud enough without disturbing your neighbors. Of course, as we always recommend, invite the neighbors over to reduce the chance of disturbing them.

Easy Bluetooth setup, great sound and looks great. Can’t go wrong with this one.



  • ★SOLAR POWERED – This patio speaker has an 8-watt Solar Panel that allows the sun to charge your speaker and you can leave all those pesky wires inside. We know it isn’t sunny everyday so we made sure to include a charging cable for all those cloudy days. Making this the perfect outdoor speaker
  • ★WEATHERPROOF – With this outdoor speaker having an IPX4 rating this patio speaker will be able to stay outside it can handle all of the elements the outside world throws at it. It can handle rain or shine this speaker is going to continue to rock out. This outside sound system was made to bring sound to the outdoor party!
  • ★BLUETOOTH – Portico is a unique patio speaker with it being Bluetooth (4.0) enabled it streams music with crystal clarity. This outdoor speaker has 12 watts, easily pairs to phone, comes with a remote, and has an 8-hour battery life making it the perfect outside sound system.
  • ★LUXURY – Add some luxury to your backyard or patio with Portico Outdoor Speaker, way better than a boring rock speaker. With chic wood finish Why shouldn’t you feel like you are on vacation all the time with this patio speaker?
  • ★LIGHT – This outside sound system comes with an outdoor light so even when the sun goes down the party does not stop. That way even when you are listening to your jams on your patio speaker late at night you will not be sitting in the dark and nobody will be tripping over those annoying charging cables.

This top rated outdoor speaker is not only a 12 watt speaker but it has an 8 watt solar panel allowing the device to charge via sunlight. The solar panel on this outdoor speaker will fully charge with 12 hours of sunlight, also comes with a plug on those cloudy days. 6-8 hours of battery on this Bluetooth outdoor speaker or the music plays all day in the direct sunlight.

There are not many best rated outdoor speakers that look like a quality piece of fashionable furniture. This one does. It is a speaker that will actually improve the look of your backyard, patio or pool area.

Yes, this best rated outdoor speaker is completely waterproof. It is meant to stay outside and survive in all the elements. Don’t worry about that heavy rainfall, it will survive. Might what to watch out for tornadoes and hurricane force winds. It is not indestructible.

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Below are some of the actual reviews on this product:

“I opened this up last night and plugged it in to see how it looked and sounded. This is a great system for the price. The light is not too bright, but enough to create some ambiance or light up a seating area. I turned the music on via bluetooth and could hear it clearly from about 50′ away. It is a loud speaker and even has sufficient bass. The wired remote is a nice touch, but wish it was wireless.

All in all, this product looks and sounds great and I would recommend to everyone. I have not had this outside in the sun, so I do not know how well it charges from solar, nor how well it stands up to the elements. I will update once we find out.”

“I purchased this solar speaker for my patio last month. It matched perfectly with the furniture I bought from So far I’ve gotten a handful of compliments on the speaker and no complaints from any neighbors. The sound quality is good and the Bluetooth paired easily. It has a decorative light that matches with the lights on my patio for when the sun goes down.”

“Love it. I wanted an weatherproof Bluetooth speaker but I didn’t want to recharge it every time I used it. With the solar panel I don’t have to plug it in to recharge it. It’s attractive and sounds great. We are close to our neighbors so we’re probably never going to blast this thing but at it’s highest volume setting it gets loud enough to annoy the neighbors. My only complaint is that the remote control is connected by a cable and it sits on the lower shelf. I’m probably never going to use that as I’ll control my music from my phone so it would have been better if they just put a power button that does the pairing on the side.”

“This Portico is a must have for your deck! Shipping was fast and the speaker is great quality with a deep base. Bluetooth pairing was a breeze and the solar panel allows for carefree setup and maintenance. I’ve played mine for several late night parties with no need to charge. Many compliments from guests–going to purchase a second one for my front porch. Also of note: I’ve had my Portico for a full month so far and it has weathered, no pun intended, the heavy florida summer rain storms and still functions perfectly.”




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