Top Rated Metal Detector – National Geographic Pro

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Top Rated Metal Detector – National Geographic Pro Series

From time to time we do special product reviews on certain products that really get out attention. Normally, we focus on best of posts such as our article on Top Rated Metal Detectors which gives you a number of different options concerning the best rated metal detectors we have found.

Our special product review just focuses on one particular top rated metal detector that has really gotten our attention.

Today we wanted to focus on the National Geographic Pro Series metal detector.

This particular top rated metal detector got our attention because of the number of top features it had at the price level you can get it at. This is an affordable metal detector that we can highly recommend if you have an interest in treasure hunting.

Let’s face it, we all want to find hidden treasure. We just typically don’t think it is possible. The truth is that hidden treasure is all around us. Of course, that depends somewhat on what your definition of treasure is.

We think the thrill of finding an object that we did not know was there is finding a treasure. A treasure does not necessarily have to be of great value. It is certainly great if it is of great value. That REALLY makes treasure hunting fun. But, someones just looking is enjoyable and relaxing.

Using a top rated metal detector is kind of like an Easter Egg hunt for adults.

So, on to the review.



  • FIND BURIED TREASURE and feel the thrill of discovery when you locate cool artifacts like coins, jewelry, buttons, tools and more!
  • EASY TO USE for all ages, sizes and skill levels from beginner to advanced. Just unfold and go.
  • COMPACT, WATERPROOF COIL, LIGHTWEIGHT and collapses to just 22 inches and 2 lbs. Great for travel!
  • PACKED WITH PRO FEATURES including 3 detection modes, 4 sensitivity levels and a pinpoint location feature to help you distinguish trash from treasure as deep as 12 inches
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – For 129 years, National Geographic has been committed to providing fun and fascinating educational opportunities and stands behind this Pro Series Metal Detector with a two-year warranty.

Lightweight and portable

This metal detector can collapse or expand in seconds and can lock in place to fit treasure hunters of all sizes.

Treasure hunt on the go

Discover treasure on hikes, at the beach, or in the snow. This light, collapsible, and portable detector is equipped with a waterproof coil so that you can find treasure anywhere – rain or shine!

Look for our Treasure Hunting Tool Pack!

Our treasure hunting tool pack provides light and durable tools allowing you to easily uncover all the treasure you find! This combo pack includes a sifter and a trowel, so you can easily sift the the debris to find your treasure.

We like this metal detector because of the features and price level. It is a great and very easy to use metal detector for beginners and an very usable metal detector for those who are more experienced. It is durable and perfect for areas around water or for users that might be a little younger…or just clumsy.

Please check out our article Top Rated Metal Detectors to see our list of the best metal detectors.

Our article above also gives you a more in depth listing of they types of features that metal detectors have as well as how different types of metal detectors work. I you are not sure what you want or what is available, please be sure to check out our article above. If you are unsure what you need it can be a huge help to you in figuring out what to look for. 

Check out some actual review below:

Not sure what Minelab this equals but I lost my wedding ring (tungsten carbide) in a foot of loose straw, with 8″ of snow onto of that, literally a needle in a haystack. Found the ring within 10 minutes of area where I thought it was lost. Turns out it registers as aluminum signature 🙂

This is a fantastic metal detector and I cannot wait to explore more with my son and open his mind to the word under the soil. So far we’ve found an old hand tool made of wood with a broken metal blade, a small metal cylinder (like a socket) and tons of other smaller metal pieces and change. It’s perfect for STEM kids and parents alike (I play with it when he’s at school). I highly recommend this for any treasure hunter or curious kid.

Shopped ‘five star’ beginning metal detector for a friend’s gift, showed it to them, they said ok let’s try it, , ordered it, couldn’t be more pleased, easy to use, works well, they had fun right away and found an old coin right away. Directions seem easy enough, they were delighted and kept showing me what they found throughout the week. Super job National Geographic1

I purchased this metal detector as a gift for my son, and he has been using it non-stop! The first place he went to was our local park, and he found pocket-change and some random items under the swings. We also bought the National Geographic sand scoop and trowel set, and that was a great investment. They are light-weight to carry, and work great for finding items in sand or the ground.

Yes, it seems to work as advertised. Yes, it is adjustable for height, which makes it perfect to give a child as young as 7 years old and then expand the length as the child grows. Yes, it appears to be well-made and sturdy. BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW: In spite of what you see in the video in which the actor easily removes the detector and uses it right out of the box, you will have to install four AA batteries that are not included. The installation is not easy, and there is little direction offered in the materials included in the box. For us, it was trial and error — with our 8-year-old birthday boy at our side, frustrated because he couldn’t immediately go find stuff. My advice: Take time to install the batteries before you present this item as a gift.





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