The Best Bread Making Machine

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The Best Bread Making Machine

The art of bread making used to be just that, an art but with the invention of home bread maker machines that has changed somewhat. There is still an art to bread making but now it is much easier to make great bread and experiment with some great new bread maker recipes.


Why do we care what the best automatic bread maker is? Because bread is so important to Image result for bread makingour daily diet. Think about all we use bread for.

  1. Tastes great with a little oil and pepper. Am I right?
  2. Can you imagine how messy a sandwich would be without bread? We would have mayonnaise and mustard all over our hands.
  3. We could not even have a hamburger without a hamburger bun.
  4. Hot Dogs. Baseball games would never be the same without a quality hot dog bun.
  5. We are pretty sure Italy would not exist without bread. Would spaghetti be the same without bread?
  6. Same goes for France, we are pretty sure France is named after French bread.

Some skinny people say that bread is bad for you. Hey, bread is like everything else you have to eat smart we do not recommend that you eat an entire loaf of bread each time you use your bread making machine. Although, it will be very tempting. There are some GREAT recipes out there that will make it difficult to walk away. Especially when you smell that bread being cooked in your home bread maker. There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread.

Bread has been a staple food product for centuries. In the bible it is referred to as the staff of life, which means it must be REALLY important. Bread in many ways made it possible for humans to survive and migrate even before we wrote our first top bread maker review.

Healthy breads such as 100 percent whole grain can be a good source of bran fiber. Great for bowel movements, probably not something you wanted to hear when talking about food but they are important so you are welcome.

When you are making bread in your home bread maker you can add items to make your bread more healthy. You can also add sweat items such as raisins, honey and apples which can satisfy your satisfy your sweet tooth in as healthy as way as possible.

Why do you want to make your own bread?

  1. It is cheaper. Yes you can buy some REALLY cheap bread but when we say it is cheaper we mean that if you use quality ingredients making bread in your home bread maker is cheaper than buying a high quality bread from the store.
  2. It is better for you. Guess this depends a little bit on what ingredients you use but at least if you make your own bread you have the choice of how good it is for you.
  3. You have choices. You can make whatever kind of bread you want and you have the ability to experiment.
  4. You can make bread based on the occasion. If it is Christmas make a Christmas bread. If you are having a party, make a party bread.
  5. Homemade bread just tastes better. It is fresh and you control what is in it. Make bread that fits your personal taste.
  6. You whole house will smell like fresh baked bread. Did we mention how much we like the smell of fresh baked bread yet?
  7. With a top rated bread maker you will have the option of scheduling. Plus, if you plan ahead a little bit we would argue it is faster to make your own fresh bread than run to the store to buy bread baked days or a week ago.
  8. Makes a great gift. Gifting homemade bread is an inexpensive, thoughtful and appreciated gesture.
  9. It is more FUN. Making bread in a home bread maker is flat out FUN. Not only can you make your bread however you want you get to watch it bake. Even if you do not like cooking, bread making is FUN.

What is the best bread maker? You can CLICK HERE to see our TOP RATED BREAD MAKERS, right now though we are going to focus on one particular home bread maker just for your review. Be sure to check out our other options on our site.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker

Zojirushi is one of the overall best home bread machine makers on the market ant this is a quality machine that can do just about anything. It is a dual blade bread making machine that Product Detailsmakes rectangular shaped 2 pound loaves.
It has an astounding 10 per-programmed settings including 3 crust shades with a large viewing window (so you can watch it bake) with a removable non-stick bread pan for easy cleaning. 
This home bread making machine is just about commercial quality and is certainly one of the top bread makers on the market today. You can use it to make any type of bread you can think of (and even some you can’t). You can make simple bread or include items such as fruit and nuts.
This IS one of the best bread makers on the market and is highly recommend by our staff.
CLICK HERE FOR more information on the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme.


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