Non-Lethal Self Defense is a Valid Option

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Non Lethal Self Defense

Many people find the possibility of using deadly force difficult to reconcile with their personal beliefs. That is one of the reasons searches on the internet for non lethal self defense products are so popular. Before I get into your options for non lethal personal defense let’s think about the reason you would want to use a non lethal self defense product as opposed to a more lethal option.

Reasons to use non lethal self defense products.

  1. Regardless of the circumstances you do not want to take someone else’s life.

  2. What if you misinterpreted the situation? Someone approached you in a dark alley, you were afraid and reacted. Turns out the person thought you were lost and wanted see if you needed assistance. If you were using lethal force this could be a very tragic situation. Even with non lethal self defense they are probably not going to be very happy with you but at least they are alive to express their displeasure.

  3. If a lethal defense products accidentally discharges it could have tragic consequences. If a non lethal defense product accidentally discharges it may be painful but eventually the situation will return to normal.

I think we can all agree on the importance of self defense. There are many types of self defense that you can employ, both lethal and non lethal.

Let me give you some examples of non lethal self defense products you could utilize.

  1. High voltage stun gun
  2. Taser – yes it is different than an stun gun
  3. Pepper spray
  4. Mace
  5. Hand to hand combat training
  6. Being able to run REALLY fast.

Mace and pepper spray are similar type products, not terrible but I have always been concerned about a determined attacker ignoring them. Although I have never been personally sprayed with either pepper spray or mace (I imagine it is not pleasant) I have always been concerned that it might just piss the person you are spraying off. I know the police use spray type products but they have back up weapons.

Hand to hand combat is not a bad option if you have years and years to be trained and maintain both that training and a sufficient physical condition to use hand to hand combat. Depending on your size if you are not very well trained a large opponent may still get the upper hand on you. Certainly one of the advantages to hand to hand is you ARE the weapon.

My favorite is the high voltage stun gun option. Stun guns come in many varieties:

  1. Cell phone stun gun
  2. Mini stun gun
  3. Flashlight stun gun
  4. Pen stun gun
  5. Baton stun gun
  6. The difference between a Taser and a stun gun is that a Taser shoots pronged projectiles. A stun gun is a close quarters contact weapon.

Obviously there are a lot of options when it comes to a stun gun. Which one is right for you depends on what voltage you are looking for, size, extra functions (such as flashlight) and concealability. Click the link below for more information and a review of some of the top stun guns and Tasers we have researched.

Check out The Best Stun Guns of 2018 Here

To be clear, this is NOT an anti-gun blog. I just want to provide options to people who are not comfortable Gun being drawnusing a gun. I do firmly believe that if you are not 100% comfortable with and trained using a gun you should not be using it for personal defense. In fact if you do not know how to properly handle and secure a gun you do not need one.

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