Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game

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Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game

We are continuing our cool gadgets for men articles today looking at a game that truly only men will enjoy. Why? Well, because we are just a little bit on the crazy side sometimes. You know what we mean.

When we first stumbled across the Lightning Reaction game we could not believe what we were reading, could this game really exist? Why have we not found it before? This thing is just crazy and sadistic enough to be loads of fun. Now, we don’t promote drinking but this would be a really cool drinking game.

We are always on the look out for cool gadgets for the man that has everything and this might just be at the top of the list. Looking for a great Father’s day gift in 2019? This would fit the bill.

Looking for a cool birthday gift that will be loads of fun? We think this might just be the most fun game we have come across whether you are playing or more probably watching.

This game should be a staple in every college dorm across the country. Think of playing this instead of beer pong. You lose, you get electrocuted. Well, not exactly electrocuted but you will be highly motivated to win.


So how does the Lightning Reaction Game work?

You start with every player grabbing a handle, there are enough handles for up to four players. To start the game you press the button in the middle and watch a red light blink while suspenseful music is playing. But…be ready, when the light goes green the last person to press the trigger gets and electric shock!

See, a cool gadget that men will love! We also think this would make a great drinking game, every time you get shocked you have to take a drink. The more you lose the more drinks you take which slows your reaction time and makes you get shocked more. Fun right?

This game will also highly motivate your to improve your attention and reaction times, after all the penalty is getting an electric shock. Talk about negative re-enforcement!

Imagine the laughs you will get watching your friend cringe while sustaining electric shocks! Think of the suspense as you watch that little red light blink and listen to ever more suspenseful music playing.

We know, not for everyone but still loads and loads of fun.

Don’t worry, the electric discharge is adjustable. You can pick from low, medium and high – but who wants to be a wimp, we say crank it up and throw caution to the wind. Survival of the fittest while the losers fall to their knees with electric current coursing through their body!

Now, this game is for adults only. It is not recommend for anyone under the age of 14, again perfect adult party game.

Want to really have fun? Then play on extreme mode. In extreme mode only one person is safe, the first one to press their button. Everyone else gets shocked!

The game uses 3 AAA batteries. Not sure exactly what the voltage is but it will shock you. Not overpowering or anything like that. At level 1 you will barely feel it. Really, we wish there was some way to crank it up even more than the high level, but that would probably not be safe for everyone so we understand why you can’t.

However, if you keep holding on to the handle it will continue to shock. I am sure it stops at some point but most people just drop it.

Probably our biggest disappointment (other than not being able to really crank it up) was the overall quality of the product. It is fine for what you pay for it but we would have preferred a more robust product since it lends itself so well to a drinking game. In a rough environment it might not hold up that long.

We were curious what others thought of it. On Amazon it has over 1500 reviews and a four star rating which is pretty good. We think that is about right, somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars.

But, it is a the perfect unusual gift for the man who has everything or the young adult heading to college.

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