JOEYANK Fidget Cube

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JOEYANK Fidget Cube

We are not sure if this will be the next craze or not but we like the newest version of the fidget cube. This is a cool gadget for men or your hyperactive teen or tween.

We all know that special someone who can never sit still, it fact that applies to me as well. I always have to be doing something even if it is just bouncing my knee while I try to sit quietly.

Options such as these fidget cubes really help to pass the time and keep me from overly disturbing everyone one around me.

These fidget cubes are the perfect cool gadget for the car, church, seminars, waiting rooms or any other place where you are required or encouraged to sit quietly in place.

This particular infinity cube is made from premium anodized aluminum alloy. It is foldable and comprised of eight smaller cubes that can be folded and rotated from just about any direction.

This cool gadget is suitable for just about everyone, however not recommended for kids under the age of eight.

The fidget cube is pocket size and light weight which helps to keep it from drawing a lot of attention.

Who is it great for? Anyone that simply fidgets all the time, people with anxiety, ADHD, autism or any other attention disorder problems are the perfect customer for this device.

Trying to stop biting your nails? This is perfect for you.

Trying to quit smoking? Perfect for you.

Trying to stop bouncing your leg? Perfect for you.

Plus it is less obvious than a standard fidget spinner.

The overall quality of this particular fidget cube is good and I thought the size was perfect. Easy to conceal and use without drawing too much attention.

I also felt that it would be a great help to those who need to improve or maintain their dexterity. Not sure there have been any studies concerning these types of cool gadgets and arthritis but I would think these would be helpful in maintaining your dexterity even if you have mild arthritis. Not sure if you could use it in more severe cases but maybe. Again, I am not a doctor but to me it would make sense this might be beneficial.

So, despite the pure entertainment value of a fidget cube there are very possibly some health benefits. Fidget cubes fall into a category of toys called sensory toys. There has been some research that suggests they show benefits in treating the real health problems we described above such as ADHD. They might not be a cure but I believe they do help reduce stress just from my personal use of various sensory types of toys such as a fidget cube.

There are lots of studies out there, we decided to look at one from the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology which showed that children between 8 and 12 performed better and had better memory recollection when using devices like fidget spinners if they suffered from ADHD. It even stated that adults could benefit from the use of a fidget spinner or fidget cube if they struggled with ADHD.

So, here you have a cool gadget toy that might even have some real medical benefits.


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