Is Mace a Good Self Defense Option

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Mace and pepper spray are a similar type of self defense option. Both are distance self defense options and both are a spray type of self defense option. I have previously blogged about PEPPER SPRAY and you can Click here to find out more about Pepper Spray as a self defense option.  I titled that blog Best Non Lethal Self Defense Option. I should have titled it Is Pepper Spray a Good Self Defense Option to be consistent…but I didn’t.

Right now let’s talk about Mace. Where Pepper Spray uses capsaicin to attack the targets mucus membranes, traditional chemical mace is an irritant similar to tear gas. It does not cause the same inflammation to the eyes and burning sensation of the skin as pepper spray.

It has been noted that traditional chemical mace may not affect targets under the influence of drugs or alcohol or might affect them to a lesser degree as compared to pepper spray.

Based on my research I would probably go with pepper spray as compared to mace.

Just as with Pepper Spray I still prefer a high voltage stun gun. Whether you go with a mini stun gun, aStun Gun cell phone stun gun , a baton stun gun or a flashlight stun gun is up to you depending on how concealable you want I to be or the voltage you are looking for. Sure, a spray self defense option gives you distance and that is great, but I just like the sound of a stun gun arcing. Yes I have stated that in previous blogs about a stun gun for personal defense but it is cool enough to mention again.

For ideas about stun guns, check out my blog Best Stun Guns of 2018. It gives you some suggestions as well as a lot of good information about Stun Guns.

It should be noted that in some states Pepper Spray may be legal and Mace may not be. Make sure you know the difference between pepper spray and mace and your local laws. It should also be noted that in many states even if pepper spray is legal it may not be legal in all locations. For instance, in your state pepper spray and/or mace might be legal to possess but they may be illegal in schools or government buildings. It is up to you to make sure you know the law.

You can search the internet to find out if pepper spray or mace are legal in you state but I would recommend you speak to your local law enforcement to verify what you find out and find out if there are any other restrictions you need to know about. DO NOT assume.

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