IronChoco Chocolate Tool Set

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IronChoco Chocolate Tool Set

Looking for an unusual gift for men or just a perfect birthday gift for the man that has everything and loves to eat?

Let me ask you something? What do all men love?

No, not that.

They love tools and eating. What if you could come up with the perfect unusual gift for men that have everything else?

That is what we are always on the lookout for and were pleasantly surprised when we ran across the IronChoco Chocolate Tool Set for Men.

These are life size tools, although we don’t recommend using them for work. Not only are they life size, they actually appear to have a little bit of rust on them like they have been well used, but not necessarily well taken care of. It’s OK if your man takes great care of his tools, I am sure he won’t mind the appearance of a little bit of rust on these

You can even add a lucky chocolate horseshoe to your order to complete your iron chocolate combination birthday gift. I wonder if they add iron to your diet?


So, what are these tools made of?

They come in a gift box and are handmade chocolate tools. They are premium dark chocolate, very solid (for chocolate) and made form about 70% cocoa products.

The shape, appearance and size so closely match the actual tools they look like you might even get confused and try to use them for actual work. Probably, not an issues, who wants to do actual work when there is anything better to do, right?

Of course, these are not just for men. This gift would make a great gift for a handywoman or even a child that has been wanting their own tools but you don’t want them taking everything in the house apart. Yes, we remember those days. My father eventually had to lock his tools up to keep me from taking everything I could find apart to see how it worked.

Too bad I wasn’t as good as putting it back together.

The good news is that if you give this gift to your child they shouldn’t be able to do any damage to anything but their appetite or teeth if they don’t brush well. Speaking of brushing, you should check out our review on electric toothbrushes. Everyone likes an electric toothbrush. Especially children, and men that have everything else.

This particular product has received just under 4 stars on the reviews it has received on Amazon, not the highest in the world but this is a novelty gift so we don’t really expect perfection.

What do we think of them? Well, they are surprisingly realistic, even more so than we expected which is good. Anyone who uses these types of tools will be pleasantly surprised by how realistic they are.

The color was a little off, but hey, these are not real tools. They are chocolate after all. We really didn’t expect 100% accuracy but still, as we said above surprisingly realistic.

Looking at what some other people have had to say about them the biggest complaint seemed to be they melted or broke in transit. That didn’t happen to us but we can understand how it could. We feel they should be sturdy enough not to break without some unusual event happening. But, it is hard to predict what temperatures they will be exposed to before and during shipping. The don’t melt easily but if left in sunlight I am sure they could.

Overall, we still think they are a great unusual gift for men.

Take a chance and have a little fun!


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