How to Fix a Broken Marriage

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How to Fix a Broken Marriage: What is Driving you Apart and how to Fix it.

Today we wanted to take a look at a new book by author, Nicole Reed, on How to Fix a Broken Marriage.

We found title interesting because this can be such a ‘large’ subject. There are many problems with marriages and it can be difficult to write a catch all book that addresses every possible problem within a marriage. Especially, since she is attempting to not only identify the problems, but also tell you how to fix them.

One thing we noticed is she did exclude certain very serious marriage problems such as abuse or addiction which can be difficult if not impossible to solve, especially in a book. No matter how good an author is, we find it doubtful they could solve very serious problems like these within the pages of a book or even a series of books. These are things that you need professional help with, which Nicole states in her book as well.

Below is the excerpt the author has on the back cover of the book:

“Marriage is hard, it has always been hard but perhaps in today’s world with all the distractions and overall acceptance of divorce it is even harder to stay married that in years or generations past. How do you stay connected, how do you stop accusing and start fixing? Do you feel lonely and hurt? Do you blame your spouse or do they blame you for how they feel? Why can we not be happy and stay connected like we were when we were first married?

“What are the things you do that contribute to the unhappiness in your marriage?”
“Do you blame your spouse or do they blame you for past transgressions?”
“How can we move past the blame and start the healing process?”
“What makes a happy marriage?”

We read the book and thought it was fairly well written. Although not specifically spelled out in the book it appears to be broken down into two main sections.

The first section works to identify what you think are good and bad traits in a marriage, the exercise in the book recommends both spouses participate but one spouse could complete the book and using the information work toward improving the marriage by setting an example.

This section was highly informative and gave you many of the traits the author also felt were important in a marriage and helped you to identify which ones you were struggling with and why.

The second part of the book was more of an overview or walk through about how you can use what you learned in their first section to improve your marriage long term.

Many of the things in the book were commons sense but things we forget over time as we are married longer. The everyday grind of life sometimes makes us forget why we fell in love in the first place.

The book is good and not too long of a read which can be a struggle when talking about relationships, especially for men. It really helps to identify where we all go wrong as a relationship gets older and how we can work to keep everything new again.

Many times, it is helpful to just have someone point out what we forget over time.



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