How to Buy Unusual Gifts for Men

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How to Buy Unusual Gifts for Men

Yes, we all know how hard men can be to buy for. What can make it easier? If you how to buy unusual gifts for men, that is what would make it much easier for you to purchase something for a man.Image result for mens gifts

Let’s start with what to look for in unusual gifts men? You need to find something that is a cool men’s gift. This means probably not a tie. There is nothing wrong with a tie if you know a man that likes or needs a tie. Just it would probably not be considered an unusual gift for a man.

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Uncommon Gifts Men

An unusual guy gift needs to be something different. An uncommon gift for men needs to be something, well … uncommon.

So what is an unusual gift for men? Could be a lot of things, one of the more common things that might be considered an unusual gift for a man might be some sort of a tool. Now, if you go with the more traditional tool route then you will need to find an uncommon tool, not just a hammer or set of screwdrivers. You would need to find an unusual tool, maybe one that is more than one tool in one. Maybe something that looks really cool or is hard to find.

Perhaps you don’t want to go the tool route, even though most men like tools in general. Yes, there are exceptions and you know your man best. Another thing some men like is hunting equipment. If you have a man that spends more time in the woods in the winter than with you then hunting equipment might be a good uncommon gift for men.

Of course, you cannot just go buy a pair hunting gloves, nothing uncommon about that. You might be able to buy hand carved duck call. You might even be able to go with a custom made duck decoy. These could be considered uncommon gifts for men, if your man likes to duck hunt.

Perhaps he is a deer hunter; maybe you could buy him a shooting stick or maybe an authentic deer antler call. Not those cheap plastic ones, go for the real thing. For those dark early mornings in the Image result for mens giftswoods he would probably use a head lamp. That way he can see in the dark without using is hands.

Another good option is a unique knife for an uncommon gift for men. If he likes to hunt, he probably likes knives. There are lots of nice options when it comes to an uncommon knife or knife set. Maybe you would go with whole dressing knife route. Get him a complete set of cool field dress knives.

Another cool tool/hunting combination would be a multi-tool which he could use for a variety of functions related to hunting, fishing or just a general tool to keep in the car. You can never have too many multi-tools and they make a cool uncommon gift for men.

Outdoor speakers are good choice for an uncommon gift for men. But, not just any outdoor speaker, get one that looks cool. Maybe one that looks like a rock or is underground. Make sure they are weather resistant. No since having an outdoor speaker that can’t get wet. Go all out and get a cool looking speaker as an unusual gifts men love.

Survival tools are cool gifts. Think of a bug out kit you might need in a hurry or something to keep in the car. Most of these include a knife, fire starter, compass, etc… These are really cool all around gifts and make unique unusual gifts for men. There are a lot of different options out there, pick the one that has the most gadgets. Men love gadgets, the more the better.

A fairly new entry to the uncommon gifts for men category in our reviews is the tactical pen. These pens are basically weapons designed as pens. The new ones are strong enough to go through a piece of plywood and have other cool gadgets men love inside of them. Not only can you write with them, some have a flashlight, a knife, bottle opener, screwdriver and even a hex wrench. These cool gadgets for men are easy to conceal and a lot of fun to show your friends.

A high quality ratchet style belt is a great uncommon gift for men. These belts are easily adjustable and nice looking. You can get a high quality ratchet style belt for a reasonable price.

What about a manicure set? This is a really uncommon gift for men that most guys would not expect. I know what you are thinking, will he really like a manicure set? Well, at first it might sound like a strange gift for most men but it is an uncommon gift for a man that we will use. At the very least we will use the clippers. Makes a nice stocking stuffer or small gift for the man who has everything.

You can always go with a leather satchel briefcase. If your man is a millennial he would probably appreciate it. Might have mixed results if you are buying for an older man. Some guys might think they look a little too much like a purse. But, they are cool and unique gifts that are very useful to carry documents or a lap top in. In fact, they are probably the easiest and most practical way to carry a lap top.

A good travel backpack can also be an option for a man who has everything and wants nothing. These are great for traveling, hunting, hiking or carrying a laptop. Your man might prefer the backpack to the leather satchel.

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Uncommon Gifts Men

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