How to Buy the Right Outdoor Speaker

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How to Buy the Right Outdoor Speaker

Having your music outdoors is a great and wonderful thing. Listen to your favorite tunes while entertaining friends or just relaxing while watching a fire in your outdoor fire pit with a glass of wine, nothing beats it.

That is one of the reason we wrote our Best Outdoor Speakers Review if you are looking for a new Polk Audio Atrium 5 Speakers (Pair, White)set of top rated outdoor speakers.

What is the number one thing you want in a top rated outdoor speaker? Easy, sound quality, right? Top outdoor speakers should be able to provide you with high quality stereo sound at levels which sound good throughout your yard.

What is something else that really matters when you are choosing a top rated outdoor speaker? Well, we your new outdoor speaker had better be able to withstand the elements. Having an outdoor speaker that cannot stand the outdoors is just crazy, we are sure you agree.

Yes, you can buy a set of speakers that are indoor/outdoor, portable in other words. That is an option you can explore if you do not want to leave your outdoor speakers outside permanently. We like being able to leave them outdoors permanently ourselves, but ultimately it is up to you and what your needs are for your new speakers.

Wireless is always a plus when it comes to any speakers. But we think it is especially valuable when it comes to a top rated outdoor speaker. Hard to be considered top rated if they have wires. Yes, a wired speaker can produce a more consistent sound, especially if it is a long range from the stereo producing the sound.

The size or potential wattage you need depends on how loud you plan on playing your speakers. If you are just looking for a best rated outdoor speaker that only needs to produce Bose 151 SE Elegant Outdoor Speakers (White)93 decibels then you could probably go as low as a 2 watt speaker. However, why would you want to do that? We at least want the potential to CRANK up the volume, so we are going to need more watts than that. Maybe we don’t have to go all the way up to a 1024 watt speaker, but if the price is right let’s keep our options open when it comes to the best outdoor speakers.

The shape of your new top rated outdoor speaker can also make a big difference. Do you want the sound to be projected in a certain direction or are you looking for sound projected over 360 degrees. Different outdoor speakers give you different sound coverage over your yard. This is something you must take into consideration as you plan your outdoor speaker locations. Also keep in mind that having 360 degrees of sound projection might put your tunes in places you do not intend; like your neighbor’s yard. Of course, if you always invite your neighbors to your parties it won’t be as much of a big deal. Be a good neighbor, party with them.

There is something else to consider when it comes to the shape of your new top rated outdoor speaker. Shape matters from a decorating standpoint as well. You want your new outdoor speakers to look nice, we assume.

What it means to look nice depends on what you have in mind. Do you want speakers that are visible and pleasant on the eyes or speakers that are hidden so you have the illusion of sound magically flowing across your yard?

If we are speaking of outdoor speakers you can see then that is fairly simple, find speaker that look nice and can be mounted in locations that work for you. If you are wanting the ‘magic garden’ approach to your sound then you have a couple of different options.

One option is to go with a camouflaged outdoor speaker. A perfect example of those types of outdoor speakers are the outdoor rock speakers. Like the name suggests these speakers look like rocks. They work great if you do not want your speakers to interfere with you decoration.

Another option are ground level outdoor speakers that are partially buried. These are some of our TIC GS3 8" Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional In-Ground Speakerfavorite speakers, just make sure you do not put them where you plan to mow. Or at least, try and remember where they are when you mow. It will be an expensive accident if you forget and mulch up one of your new outdoor speakers.

A big factor in what is the right outdoor speaker for you comes down to what it is you want them to accomplish (beside sound) and how much you want to pay. There are a number of good options out there that will improve your outdoor experience. We love having highly rated waterproof speakers around our patio and are sure you will also.

If you want to know what speakers are out there to purchase, don’t worry we already did the work for you.

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