How to Buy the Right Dash Camera

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How to Buy the Right Dash Camera

These days everyone needs to have a dash cameras cars. Of course, when we say cars we really mean all vehicles. Trucks and cars both need a top rated dash camera. Regardless of what you drive you need to protect yourself one the road.

If you have an accident it may well be your dash camera in your vehicle that decides who was at fault. That may seem like it could go either way but if you are a safe driver having a best rated dash camera will be a benefit to you the majority of the time.

With the increases in insurance fraud having a dash cam in your vehicle is even more important. There are even two types of insurance fraud that having a top rated dash camera can protect you from.

First, there is Hard insurance fraud. This is when someone intentionally causes an accident/incident in order to file an insurance claim. It could be the insured stealing their own radio or other valuables out of their car in order to file a claim against the insurance company.

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It could also be when two drivers stage an accident in order for one of them to file an insurance claim. This could be with the two or more drivers working together or it could be when one or more drivers team up to stage an accident against an unknowing innocent driver.

Obviously the dash camera would only be of benefit if you are an innocent victim and not working to fraud the insurance company yourself.

The second kind of insurance fraud that a good dash camera can protect your from is a Soft auto insurance fraud. This is when there is an actual valid accident and one party tries to claim injuries or damage that did not actual occur.

Insurance fraud will increase your insurance rates. If you are an innocent victim the you really need a top rated dash camera in your vehicle.

A best rated dash camera can also help protect you from road rage. Road rage is on the increase throughout the country. This is due to a lot of reasons such as more cars on the roads, road construction and stress both on and off the road. Hopefully you would only need your dash camera to document what occurred and receive no personal damage. However, should the worst occur your dash camera can be a witness on your behalf to find the person responsible.

There is even evidence that a dash camera will assist young drivers in driving more carefully. If you require your children to have a dash camera in their car and keep it on at all times then the young drivers in your family should be safer drivers. This is a huge benefit to both your piece of mind as well as your insurance rates.

So, assuming we have convinced you that you REALLY need a dash camera in your vehicle, what features should you look for? What is the best dash cam buy?

Make sure that the dash cam you choose has a looping feature. That way it will continuously record without you having the replace or erase the footage already stored on the dash camera.

If your new dash camera has a g-force sensor it can detect when you have an accident and save any footage that occurs just before and during that time period. This will prevent you from accidentally erasing valuable footage on your dash camera.

Your new top rated dash cam should have good night vision. You must be able to see everything at night as well as during the day. There are sometimes problems with units with infrared or night vision, you should check those dash cam reviews before buying one. See what other people think about it. We try to go with a high quality camera with high definition. This usually works fairly well at night.

Some best rated dash cameras have lane departure warnings to help you stay in your lane, this is a great feature but not necessarily a must, especially if price is a concern.

Motion sensors that can detect break in are a big plus, but kind of like the lane departure warnings we spoke of above. They are a great addition but not necessarily a must if you are concerned about price.

A battery backup can be huge. This will allow the dash camera to keep recording even if the car is turned off, which could be a big plus after an accident.

One of the most important features is the quality of the images. This is why you want a dash camera to begin with. Never go with a dash camera with less than 108p. I would try to get at least 2560 x 1080 so you have a wider view point. The more you can clearly see the better.

Remember, when it comes to an accident, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. Nothing can beat a video when it comes to telling your side of the story in court or even if it is just to your parents.

Ultimately when it comes to buying the best dash camera it may come down to a choice of cheap, reliable and high performance. Think of these like a triangle and decide if you want to be in the middle of the triangle or more toward high performance or reliable. Obviously, we do not think you will want to go the cheap route.

A low quality dash camera is of very little use and will probably only give you half way decent video in perfect daylight conditions. This is simply not enough if you expect the dash camera to provide you the protection you need on the road.

Reliable is good but make sure you get the best picture quality and width you can in your price range.

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