How to Buy the Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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How to Buy the Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

So, if you are here that means you are looking for the how to buy the best stick vacuum cleaner. Stick vacuum cleaners are a huge improvement over the old canister or large push vacuum cleaners.

What makes a stick vacuum cleaner special? There are a number of things, but probably the two biggest advantages to a top rated stick vacuum cleaner is their weight and size. The lower weight of a stick vacuum cleaner means it is easier to maneuver and use for long periods of time without causing as much back or muscle pain.

The smaller dimensions of a top rated stick vacuum cleaner make them easier to handle, store and use in smaller areas. The size and weight of the best stick vacuum cleaners will make your vacuuming chores much easier and more pleasant. Perhaps we are stretching a little bit when we can vacuuming pleasant but at least a light weight, smaller vacuum cleaner will make your vacuuming chores a little less unpleasant.

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What are the best features of a stick vacuum cleaner?

We have already touched on a couple of the best features of a stick vacuum cleaner.

Weight is a huge difference between a standard vacuum cleaner and a top rated stick vacuum cleaner. The lighter weight makes them much easier to use and much less damaging to your back. You can maneuver them and take them all over your house without pulling to many muscles. Even if the stick vacuum cleaner you are considering does not specifically say lightweight, you can still assume you will get a substantial weight reduction as compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner. Some that are designed to be lightweight might we less than four pounds.

Stick vacuum cleaners are much smaller than traditional cleaners making them easier to handle and store. You can take advantage of using a smaller storage space for your vacuum leaving room for other things. You can also maneuver them into tighter areas within your house making cleaning much easier. Another advantage to their smaller size is that you are much less likely to damage your walls as you move them from room to room or upstairs.

Some of the best rated stick vacuum cleaners are also cordless. We did not specifically look for cordless stick vacuums when we did our reviews but this can be a huge advantage and make your vacuuming much easier. No one likes to fight with a cord as they try to vacuum multiple rooms. In older houses, it can also be difficult to find enough wall plugs to make vacuuming easy. A cordless stick vacuum is a little heavier once the battery is installed as opposed to a corded stick vacuum so you trade the convenience of no cord for a little heavier stick vacuum cleaner. You also have to decide how large an area you need to vacuum because cordless vacuums have to be charged periodically. If you have a huge house a lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner might not be the best option for you.

You should look for a stick vacuum cleaner that has multiple height settings. This is fairly common, just make sure. This will enable you to clean bare floors as well as medium length carpet. Most stick vacuum cleaners will work on higher length carpets but they can be a little more work. Surprisingly their lightweight and compact design can cause you a few problems when it comes to a high pile carpet.

Part of the convenience of the multiple height settings is that you can clean multiple surface types. This is perfect when you have small rugs on a wood flow.

Having a stick vacuum that will convert to a hand vacuum can be another huge time saver. Sometimes you just have a small area or a car you need to clean. Not having to use the entire stick vacuum unit can make your life more simple. We all need a good hand vacuum from time to time.

Having multiple attachments is another huge time saver. Attachments such as a cleaning wand will let you clean nooks and crevasses. This is great for cleaning around windows and in corners.

Stick vacuums with rinseable filters will save you money over time. They only negative is that they might not be as effective in cleaning out the smaller particles that a HEPA filter would. This is a choice you might have to make so keep it in mind when you are looking for the best rated stick vacuum cleaner for your needs.

The size of the dust/dirt catcher you need depends a lot on how large an area you want to clean and how often you want to change out the catcher. Most of your top rated stick vacuums have a decent size filter so unless you are planning on cleaning a fully carpeted 7,000 square foot house or office complex you should have enough capacity to serve your needs.

Stick vacuum cleaners come in a WIDE variety of price ranges. If you want a good quality stick vacuum cleaner you are going to have to pay a little more for it. If you are looking for something to use more as an electric floor sweeper perhaps you can go for a cheaper option. However, the cheaper stick vacuum cleaners will not clean as well as the more expensive options and they will not be as durable in the long term.

Stick vacuum cleaners are one of those items that you really do get what you pay for most of the time. This does not mean that you have to spend $500.00 or more. There are some good options in the $250.00 range. If you are in the $30.00 range you will probably not be happy with your purchase for long.

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