How to Buy the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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How to Buy the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We have come a long way from dirt floors that you swept with a reed broom until you make them as hard as a rock. I guess the good news was that floor replacement was just a matter of bringing in some more dirt.

Now we have jumped ahead into the far, far future with robot vacuum cleaners that will clean for you. You do not even have to lift a finger once you get a robot vacuum cleaner set up. You just program and forget.

There are A LOT of options when it comes to finding a robot vacuum cleaner, but you do not want just a plain robot vacuum cleaner, you want a top rated robot vacuum cleaner.

The best robot vacuum cleaners clean your house, remember the layout of your house, dump their own dirt in a receptacle and even find their way back to their base so they stay constantly charged and ready for the next cleaning excursion or pet chasing for your entertainment.

Robot vacuums are great little items, however most manufactures admit that even the best robot vacuum cleaners are meant to supplement your normal vacuuming cycle and not as a replacement for vacuuming. That being said, if you hate to vacuum these little creatures are a life saver for when the in-laws drop by unannounced because a robot vacuum cleaner works tirelessly and without complaint keeping your floors as clean as they possible can.

Although, the I-Robot’s Rumba is the most popular robot vacuum cleaner out there, we have found a number of other quality options in our Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners article, check it out and see what top options we found for you.

As you think about what robot vacuum cleaner you want there are a number of things you need to consider.

  • More expensive is not necessarily better. Look at the features and compare apples to apples when looking at different priced robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Determine what kind of surface you want to clean. Are you cleaning floors, low carpet, Robot Vacuumhigh carpet or multi-services? This makes a difference when looking for the right robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Look at the ratings other users have given the robot vacuum cleaner you are looking at or visit a site (LIKE OURS) that has already looked at these types of ratings and can give you suggestions.
  • Size of the area. Most units can clean small areas, for larger areas you may need a robot vacuum cleaner designed for larger areas. Different robot vacuum cleaners are designed to different specifications.
  • Check the battery life. Will the robot vacuum clean for 15 minutes or 2 hours? This also goes back to the size of the area you want to clean.
  • Auto-scheduling. Most of us would want a unit that turns itself on and off and is able to clean while you are not there. It also gives your pets something to entertain them during the day.
  • Wi-Fi control is a huge plus. This is especially true when it comes to programing and controlling your robot vacuum cleaner remotely.
  • A remote control is convenient even if it is just through your smart phone. Makes programing and turning on and off much easier.
  • If you want a fast cleaning, then a speed control might be something you want to consider.

One thing to consider is why do you need a robot vacuum cleaner? If you just want one because they are cool (don’t worry this applies to a lot of people) then that is OK, you can probably go with a less expensive model that has the minimum features you are looking for.

I assume that if you got one because it was cool then you probably also want to be there while it runs which means you do not need auto-scheduling. A remote control is probably a must because you will want to play with it.

If you only have flat floors with minimal obstructions then you can also go with a lower level robot vacuum cleaner. If you have carpet then you are probably going to have to go a little higher end.

If you want a robot vacuum cleaner to help keep your house clean between regular vacuuming, then you need to compare the options and get the highest end robot vacuum cleaner you can afford that has the features you really want.

If you have stairs, lots of obstructions or multi-surfaces you expect your new robot vacuum cleaner to manage then you will probably have to go with a higher end vacuum. Your life with be much easier if you choose a robot vacuum that auto detects your floor layout and can adjust to changes. It should also have stair detection so it does not fall to its death while faithfully cleaning your home.

The easier the area you have is to clean the better a robot vacuum cleaner will do for you. That is not to say they cannot be a big help in a more complicated environment, just pare your expectations with the job you are demanding your robot vacuum cleaner to do.

These are GREAT tools but they are not perfect. The biggest think I can recommend is know the features you need and understand the limitations of any robot vacuum cleaner. Right now, if you are looking for heavy cleaning your standard home upright vacuum cleaner will simply do a better job.

Lastly, one thing most people do not think about is that a robot vacuum cleaner can go more places than a standard upright vacuum cleaner. A low profile robot vacuum cleaner can easily clean under furniture that you would have to move or get on your hands and knees to clean. They are great tools. Get one.

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