How to buy the Best Ice Cream Maker

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How to buy the Best Ice Cream Maker

Homemade ice cream just tastes better than buying it in the store; that is why buying a top rated ice cream make is an absolute must.

But, isn’t it about more than even the taste of great ice cream out of a top rated ice cream maker, isn’t is also about the joy and excitement of making the ice cream. Sitting around waiting it to be finished. Letting the anticipation build as you anxious wait. Of course, how long you have to wait depends a great deal on which best rated ice cream maker you buy.

Today you can go with the traditional ice cream maker that is basically just an outer tub, inner container and a motor. These are the ones we grew up with. Most of us just remember the electric ice cream makers but there are a special few who have actually used a manual crank ice cream maker.

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Perhaps, the manual crank ice cream maker is the most rewarding. You actually have to work for your sweet treat, you have to earn it. Perhaps you even manage to burn a few calories so that eating that wonderful homemade ice cream does not make you feel quite so guilty.

The biggest problems with the traditional electric ice cream maker are the time it takes to freeze the ice cream and the mess. The time it takes to make it might not matter if you are more patient than I am. There is still the mess and preparation though.

With a traditional ice cream maker you are going to need ice cream salt and ice. You might also need to be outside unless you have a large enough sink to handle it. Finally, there is the noise, most electric ice cream makers are a little noisy. Perhaps not a real issue if you are outside but, a real distraction if you are trying to make ice cream in your house.

Clean up with a traditional ice cream maker is not too bad as long as you have a place to pour out the salt water that will not kill your grass or flowers. Other than that, you can just about hose everything off before you take it into the house or put it up.

There are other types of top rated ice cream makers. One is the electric frozen bowl ice cream maker. They are a step up in convenience and price from a traditional best rated ice cream maker. There is some prep time required for a frozen bowl ice cream maker since you have to freeze the bowl a day or two before you want to make ice cream.

If you forget to freeze the bowl then you are going to have to wait on your homemade ice cream treat. They typically do not make as much ice cream as a traditional ice cream maker but you can easily make it in your kitchen. It is idea for a small group or small kids sleep over. Provided as I said, you remember to pre freeze that bowl.

The top of the line in homemade ice cream making is the compressor ice cream maker. These would certainly be called the best ice cream makers but you will have to pay for them. A compressor ice cream maker is the top of the line and top of the price range.

A compressor ice cream maker is easy to use and produces perfect ice cream. They have the most features of all the ice cream makers available. In addition, they are fast. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes but the more affordable ones will not produce as much ice cream maker as a traditional ice cream maker.

However, because a compressor ice cream maker makes ice cream fast you can make multiple batches without too much effort. Just like the frozen bowl ice cream maker the compressor ice cream maker does not need additional ice or salt which really cuts down on the preparation time.

So, what features should you look for in a best rated ice cream maker?

First, decide if you want a manual or electric ice cream maker. I know, that might sound a little crazy but if you have kids they can always turn the crank. Perhaps you are nostalgic about the good ole days.

What type and size of ice cream maker will depend on how much ice cream you want to make at a time. The more traditional ice cream makers are typically bigger, especially for the price. If you are good with smaller batch size then you can go with either a frozen bowl or compressor ice cream maker.

Do you want to make your ice cream outside or inside? Yes, it is possible to use a traditional ice cream make indoors but it can be messy and loud.

Do you want to make ice cream year round? If so, then you might want to go with a frozen bowl or compressor ice cream maker since they are easy to use indoors. Of course, if you live in Miami, then maybe that does not make that much of a difference to you.

How much money do you want to spend? A traditional ice cream maker is the cheapest you can go with. If you want to spend a little more, you can go with a frozen bowl ice cream maker. If money is no object then you can go top end on a compressor ice cream maker.

The bottom line is not matter what best rated ice cream maker you decide to go with you will have great homemade ice cream to enjoy.

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