How to Buy the Best GPS Navigation System

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How to Buy the Best GPS Navigation System

Let’s face it, today we could not make it five miles from your house without a top rated GPS for cars.Image result for car gps

I remember a time when you actually had to use a map to get anywhere. Not today. Today you just plug in where you want to go into a top rated GPS for cars and you are on your way. The best GPS car systems even allow you to just pull up a list of possible places based on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a restaurant, just click that category, press a few buttons and you are on your way to eat. A top rated GPS system for cars offer more than just restaurants, if you are looking for a gas station, they have you covered. If you are looking for a hotel, no problem, press a couple of buttons and you are on your way.

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Looking for a park? A top rated car GPS has you covered there also. Just punch a button and you are on your way.

What about map updates? With a top rated GPS for cars you get continuous map updates. You Image result for road mapsno longer have to buy a new paper map or even replace a worn out map. The way the maps are updated on a GPS vary slightly but most just plug into a computer and download the update. Easy. Now you know where all the new roads and detours are.

What about construction or accidents? A top rated GPS for cars can locate and warn you about road construction and accidents in virtually real time. They can even provide you with route alternatives when they exist and will save you time. We cannot tell you how much these construction and accident alerts have helps us in our travels. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to get stuck in a traffic jam. Unfortunately, not all traffic jams can be avoided either because we did not believe our GPS system or because there is just not an effective detour. However, even if it only keeps you out of one traffic jam you will praise it.

A top rated car GPS for cars should have a pleasant voice, one that is changeable is even better. No one likes to be told what to do, even by your car GPS. However, imagine being told what to do by an annoying voice. That is why it is even better if you can change the voices up. That way you will not develop a resentment toward any one voice. I know this might sound silly but if you get your car GPS stuck on Kermit the frog for while you will understand what I mean.

What display size do you want? This can be a personal decision. For a car GPS system a five inch display is usually sufficient. However you can go bigger but I would not suggest going over a seven inch display for a car GPS navigation system.

Speed limit displays are also a huge advantage in a top rated GPS for cars. We prefer the ones that are not overly intrusive. The best ones for us are the ones that either change the background behind the speed display or change the color of the speed display itself.

Many are connected for Foursquare which gives you access to millions of restaurants and shopping destinations. Foursquare can be a huge advantage if you like to discover new places and experiences. Your top rated GPS for cars can actually help you discover the world.

Another new feature we like is something called “real directions”. These use recognizable landmarks, traffic lights and buildings in their directions to help the driver find the right turns. Lane assist is also a big advantage letting you know what lane you should be in before you have to make a turn or get to your exit.

There are a number of very good top rated GPS for cars out there. If you are looking for a new GPS system we have done the work for you.

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