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GoloGuide Best Cool Gadgets

We are going to keep in survival mode for out next cool gadget for men or women or anyone for that matter.

Even before the shop Prepper’s became popular there has been a sense of being prepared drilled into our collective subconscious. This is why some of the latest cool gadgets really get our attention and blood flowing.

Some of the best cool gadgets out there are survival based. Our last cool gadgets blog article featured a different cool survival gadget and we wanted to continue in that same line with today’s cool gadget product review.

Today, we are looking at the Customized Survival Kit with First Aid – Plus Emergency  Tinder, Wilderness Survival Card, and User Guide.

This is a little bit larger survival type gear than our last entry but very similar overall.

Some of the features in this really cool gadget are:

* Molle Pouch attaches to any backpack or Molle system. Includes special phone pocket and slot for emergency pen. First Aid kit includes: Triangular Bandage, 2x safety pins, PBT bandage, Scissors, 2x Gauze Swab, Latex Tourniquet, 10x Disinfecting Pads, 10x Band Aids, 1x Tweezer, & Instruction Manual.

* ALL YOU NEED FOR YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE! Our tactical gear multifunctional kit contains 1x Tactical LED flashlight, 1x Paracord Bracelet with compass / whistle, 1x Flint striker fire starter, 1x Wire Rope Saw, 1x Emergency Pen, 1x Swiss Card, 1x Wilderness Card, 1x Safety Blanket, 4 PCS of Tinder, & complete First Aid Kit

* COMPLETE WITH DOWNLOADABLE USER GUIDE – Our Survival Kit contains extra gadgets & accessories you won’t find elsewhere.【TINDER】Start fires quickly in emergency situations, even in rain. Wax soaked for longer burn time.【19-in-1 WILDERNESS CARD】Packed with items such as fishing hooks, snare locks, & more.

* START YOUR HIKING OR FISHING ADVENTURE WITH CONFIDENCE, knowing that your tactical camping kit will keep you safe in case of an emergency. Our hiking gear survival kit is perfect for fishing, trekking, backpacking, mountain climbing or camping adventures, since it can be easily packed in your backpack, car vehicle trunk, or bug out bag!

This is a great cool gadget for any hard to buy for man or outdoor enthusiast. A unique Birthday Gift or a cool Father’s Day Gift.

Summary of this really cool gadgets features:

This cool gadget comes complete with a steel LED Flashlight with an adjustable zoom.

A 4 in 1 paracord bracelet that is for more than just looks, but it also makes a practical accessory for that rugged yet practical outdoor look.

A Swiss card (think Swiss Knife) that has 10 uses including a bottle opener, screwdriver, can opener, wrench and other cool uses.

Your standard, never leave home without it, flint steel striker. A must on any cool gadget for survival.  You also get 4 pieces of rapid ignite tender. A must in that critical survival situation.

An emergency blanket so you can stay warm and protected. You might want to buy a couple of these as a separate purchase. One might not be enough, but it is better than nothing.

The 35 piece waterproof case comes with fishing hooks, snare locks and other cool gadgets.

You get an emergency tactical pen that can break car windows or even be a small makeshift weapon.

A rope saw for firewood or to build a survival shelter.

Bandages and disinfecting pads, just in case.

Again, this is a small survival gadget, not the one you want to set off on a cross country hike with. This is a cool gadget designed for those unexpected survival situations you might accidently find yourself in.

If you are planning on an Alaskan trip you might want to go larger that this really cool gadget.

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