Gearrific Tactical Backpack with Survival Gear

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Tactical Survival Backpack

Gearrific Tactical Backpack with Survival Gear

This time we are going all out with our cool gadgets for men and jumping head first into the survival gear gadgets. In some of our previous product recommendations for cool gadgets for men (or women) we have focused on smaller versions of these survival gear types of cool products. This time we are going big.


This is the Gearrific Tactical Backpack that is absolutely packed with cool gadgets itself.

Here is a little bit about what you can find in this really cool survival backpack.

  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: 72hr tactical military-grade survival backpack (40L), hydration bladder (2.5L), portable camp shovel, GID paracord (25’), a waterproof utility case containing 25 emergency survival items (see image gallery), military style scarf (40”) and removable american flag patch.
  • ADVENTURE READY OUT OF THE BOX: This bundle is specifically designed to be a practical and affordable base to begin creating the ultimate survival bag. Pre-filled with custom picked items both necessary and important if caught in an extended period in the wilderness.
  • TOUGH & VERSATILE: Capable of handling a 72hr adventure in the wilderness fully expanded (40L) the bag can also compress down to 22L for a great commuter bag or daypack as well.
  • SURVIVAL KIT INCLUDES: 350 Lumen XML Q5 Tactical Flashlight – Steel Survival Pen – (11-in-1) Survival Card – 28″ pocket saw – 7′ x 4′ emergency blanket – Survival Compass – Emergency Tourniquet – rigged fishing hooks (1 large, 1 small) – bait floats/bobbers (x2) – 16′ of fishing line – safety pin (x2) – needle (x1) – paper clips (x2) – egg weight (x2) – fishing swivel (x2) – Safety Whistle – Flint rod w/ bottle opener – Emergency Signal Mirror – Watertight Utility Case
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There is no cooler prepacked survival backpack out there this one real will keep you going in most survival or camping situations. It is perfect for camping or hiking or just to show your friend what a cool back pack you have.


What do we like about this cool tactical backpack? Well first of all it is sturdy and expandable. It will keep up with you on those rough trips, perhaps even save you if you have a para-sailing accident and it is expandable in case you need to hide some raptor eggs from your boss.


The stuff it comes with is cool and will fit in most situations but if you are a hard core survivalist you have room to add other items you might need in case of the zombie apocalypse. Too bad a crossbow won’t fit in it, oh well. You will just have to carry the crossbow.


This survival gadget would make a great gift for the guy who has everything. Even guys that don’t camp love cool gadgets or tactical survival gear. We know we do.


Buy this for a Birthday gift or a Father’s Day gift.


Everything you need in a pre-packaged bundle … and when we were writing this it was on sale. Check above to see if it still is.



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