Fossil Q A really Cool Tech Gadget for Men

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Fossil Q A Cool Tech Gadget for Men

Today we are going to take a look at another cool gadget for men, the Fossil Q Men’s Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch.

Smart watches are a must for any man looking for a cool tech gadget; in fact it is probably one of the few Cool Smartwatchyou can stylishly show off in on any occasion.

Fossil makes some high quality smartwatches and the Q is no exception.  Actually it is a hybrid smartwatch but let’s not quibble it is still a cool tech gadget!

The Fossil Q looks like a watch but has the functions of a smartwatch. It never has to be charged and uses its smart technology to send you notifications and track your activity plus a LOT more. This really cool gadget works with Android and Apple operating systems.

There are even interchangeable watch bands if you want a different look from this Fossil Smartwatch.

Want the buttons to work different? No problem they are customizable. Nice, right?

On Amazon the Fossil Q smartwatch has a 3.5 rating which we disagree with, it should be rated higher. If you read through the reviews you can see that not everyone had realistic expectations. There were was a question about customer service, but we have never had a problem with our watches. Fossil watches are really nice and high quality.

If you buy your watch from a reputable site like the Fossil website or Amazon you should not have any issues.


We really like these watches.

In fact, we could do an entire series on Fossil watches, in fact we might.

Here is something from the website about the company:

“If you’re looking for more from your timepiece than classic timekeeping functionality, we’d like to introduce you to Fossil Q. Built on the idea that form and function can blend seamlessly to create a beautifully harmonious (and smart) result, our touchscreen and hybrid fitness watches have been designed to sync with your daily life—and make it a little more streamlined. With a variety of stainless steel, leather and silicone strap options to customizable touchscreen faces and colors galore, we’re almost positive you’ll find something among our collection of Fossil Q smart watches that suits both your style and your tech-savvy needs. Because with the power to ring your temporarily misplaced smartphone, snap a selfie, chart your activity, track your sleep, receive smartphone notifications and even more capabilities right on your wrist, who knows what you’ll be able to accomplish?

At Fossil, we appreciate all things vintage and classic. You’ll see this reflected in the aesthetic of all of our watches, bags, handbags, jewelry and other products, because clean, simple lines and high-quality materials never go out of style. And whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift to brighten someone else’s day, you’ll find that our wide assortment of leathers is only made better by the ability to personalize, customize and make it yours however you see fit (which we thinks makes it even more special).”



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