Echo Dot

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The Echo Dot is the little brother to the Amazon Echo. It is also has the cheaper price tag. It will do everything its big brother does but the speaker’s are not as good.

Just like it’s larger counter part it can do almost anything.

You want it. Order a it. Order a Uber…got it. Order anything off it. What to know what movies are at the local theater…got that too.

Trivia questions…yep. Read you the news…yep. Play games … yes. Use it for reminders … got that. With a little help it can even adjust your thermostat.

All in the size of a large hockey puck.

Put one in every room to really stay connected.

It has the same sensitive voice recognition technology of the larger unit, just in a smaller package.

But if you prefer the big brother with the better speakers. Here it is also:



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