Cool Auto Tech Shower Speaker

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Cool Shower Head

Cool Auto Tech Shower Speaker

We are always looking for that next really cool tech gadget and today we stumbled across the Auto Tech Shower Speaker.

It is water proof of course, has a blue tooth speaker, FM radio, mood lights and super Bass.Cool Shower Head

Yes, we did say mood lights. Having a shower head with mood lighting, why has someone not thought of that before? Talk about a really cool gadget.

It has great sound for a speaker this price designed for the shower. It might be small but it does not sound small, maybe it’s just the echoing off the shower walls? Either way, it sounds great, will vibrate the water right off of you.

It’s Sub Woofer is designed for extra Bass.

It is fully waterproof like you would expect for a shower head designed to be in the water. And no, you probably won’t get electrocuted. It is battery powered, don’t every plug something in that is near water. Just in case you did not already know that. So much for our public service announcement.

This cool shower gadget even comes complete with a light show. You can enjoy the cool light show fading from color to color or you can just set it to one color. If you don’t like lights then you can always turn them off. But, the lights can be cool, especially if you turn the rest of the bathroom lights off first.

Auto Tech also offers a full lifetime warranty just in case. We found the quality to be pretty good, no obvious problems.

On Amazon, the Auto Tech Shower Speaker, has a four star rating out of five. We can agree with that rating for the most part. The only thing we would add is that if you look at the quality and performance of the product as compared to the price we really feel it is closer to a five start rating.

We think some people in the Amazon reviews forgot the price tag of this cool new gadget.

Here is what Auto Tech says about their product:

“Small speaker. Big sound. With the waterproof Auto Tech bluetooth speaker, music has no boundaries. Get the amazing full stereo sound you crave and the freedom to listen anywhere. No need to mumble through forgotten lyrics in the shower when you can bring Justin Bieber with you. Hanging out by the pool? Blast the radio or some Bob Marley beach vibes without giving a second thought to splashes and sprays. Like a mini speaker system that can follow you everywhere, Auto Tech IPX7 offers convenience and quality anywhere you are.”

“With an aqua blue body, and modern, 6-color led light display, this portable speaker looks and feels as high quality as it sounds. Choose your favorite light color, let the speaker scroll through all 6, or turn off the display for relaxation time in the tub. The speaker’s sleek design is made from the highest quality silicone for a speaker that stands up to tough love and daily use. Stick it in your backpack or your back pocket, and take it with you on all your adventures.”

“The completely waterproof design of the IPX7 means you can set up anywhere without fear of damaging your device. With a water resistance grade of IPX7, you can listen to your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook wherever you are: in the shower, in the bath, while you hang out by the pool, while you relax in the hot tub, and so much more.”

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