Can Red Tea Help with Late Night Cravings?

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Red Tea Detox

Can Red Tea help with late night Cravings?

We all know what is like, it is getting later, we had dinner a couple of hours ago and then BANG we are hungry. We feel the need to eat at the worst possible time, just before we go to bed.

What you need is something that will help suppress your late night cravings and maybe even help you burn fat in your sleep. But, it doesn’t need to keep you awake, this means no caffeine.

We wanted to stress the not keeping you awake because there are many similarities between green tea and red tea but one huge difference is red tea does not contain caffeine unlike standard green tea.

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So, now that we have given you one very good reason not to drink green tea when it is compared to red tea (and there are others) let us tell you what makes red tea so great to drink a night.

Just to mention it again, no caffeine, so it won’t keep you up.

Red Tea also contains a couple of compounds called Aspalathin and Nothofagin. These two ingredients have a number of beneficial effects. The tea itself helps to control normal hunger pains if you are hungry but it also helps reduce stress eating because of the Aspalathin and Nothofagin. These compounds help you to feel more relaxed and reduce the urge to stress eat.

But there is more.

Red Tea contains Catechins which can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight even while you sleep. Perhaps the Catechins won’t by themselves let you meet your weight loss goals but they will help you get a few extra pounds off with little or no effort.

Although being able to sleep well might not in and of itself help you lose weight it does help reduce stress and while you are sleeping you can’t eat. Right?

The truth is a lack of sleep can actually trigger hunger so getting the proper amount of sleep will help you lose weight. While you are sleeping you also release a compound called Gherkin which triggers your body to start burning reserve fat.

Get more sleep, be more relaxed and lose more weight. So, yes you can lose weight while sleeping. Red Tea compounds those effects.

I know, we have probably already convinced you about the powers of Red Tea but there is still more.

Like green tea, Red Tea is full of antioxidants which trick your brain into telling you that you are full even if you have not had anything to eat for a while. So Red Tea makes a great mid meal snack or a late night snack.

How much should you drink?

Over the course of a day most programs recommend that you drink three or four cups a day. You can do this either hot or iced. However, there have been some studies that suggest room temperature liquids are more easily digested, so use your best judgement.

You can even use your old tea bags as an all-natural face scrub. Also, works well on poison ivy or eczema.

The benefits of Red Tea just go on and on.


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