Best Travel Backpack Review – Swiss Edition

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Best Travel Backpack Review

Traveling is a hassle, always has been and probably always will be. You should do everything you can to make your trip as pleasant as you possible can. One way you can do that is with increased convenience and item security. That is what a travel backpack is all about. Putting the items you need (or want) at your fingertips and keeping them safely with you at all times.

You do not have to worry about checking bags at the airport or having to leave certain valuables at the hotel because they will not fit in your pocket. A top rated travel backpack lets you keep everything you need with you so it is available whenever you need it.Image result for travel pictures

You can even through a change of clothes in a quality travel backpack along with your keys, passport, identification, loose change, a pen or whatever else you need to keep close.

When I travel I can tell you that a good backpack is one of the most important items to having a pleasant and stress free trip. The longer your trip and the more places you are planning on going make your backpack decision even more important. In and out of planes, trains, buses, rental cars, Uber, or taxis can be more than an inconvenience, it can be a downright nightmare if you do not plan ahead and make sure you can easily carry the items you need with you. Now are you starting to see the importance of a GREAT travel backpack, it is almost like a security blanket for the traveling adult. It is like a GIANT purse or an empty diaper bag for those either with small children or those that miss the extra storage room carrying around a diaper bag gave you.

Yes, you can trade that diaper bag or suitcase size purse in for a great backpack.

There is another awesome advantage to using a travel backpack as a plane carry on. It is flexible which means you can more easily store it. Also, if you are a man it counts as your purse or briefcase meaning you could also bring a carry on back in addition to the backpack. That’s right, twice the carry on!

When we look at the best travel backpacks we take into consideration a number of factors.

Size is important, you should get a bag that will hold the things you want to put into it. Meaning if you are planning on keeping a change of clothes in it, it might need to be a little larger. Straps are a big deal if you are going to load it down. You want to be comfortable right?

Do you want a frame backpack? If so an internal or external frame. Frames are pretty standard in hiking backpacks but we prefer no frame in a travel backpack so when it is empty it will take up less space. The less you put in it to some degree the smaller it will be. We are not a big fan of the external frame unless it is specifically for camping of long duration hiking.

You need lots of compartments. We love compartments in a travel backpack. Helps keep things organized. Some even have semi-hidden compartments for more valuable items. Some compartments should be more accessible than others. You can keep the items you need the most often there without having to take everything else out.

The material makes a difference. We like easy to clean and tough. If it happens to be waterproof that can be another big advantage but not something we necessarily look for in a travel backpack.

Today we are just focusing on one backpack because it is something special and we want to make sure you know everything there is to know about it.

If you want to see all of our recommendations, check out our article Best Backpacks for Traveling. If you want more options than the SwissGear below we have you covered in that article.

The SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Backpack is one of the best all around backpacks for travel abroad we have seen.

Yes, it has the cool Swiss cross on it, just like those famous Swiss Army knives that was the multi-tool before the multi-tool was cool … or even invented for that matter.

This highly rated travel backpacks comes in three colors: Black, Black/Blue, Grey Heather and Red. Black is classic and the Grey Heather sounds cool but when it comes to a Swiss travel backpack you almost have to with the red, am I right? If not, you can always choose a different color.

This travel backpack is made of polyester so it is easy to clean, is light weight, strong and resists staining. This durable 1200D polyester lightweight backpack for travel is as strong as nails.

It is 18” high and 13.5” wide and can lay flat to help it go through airport security quicker. This travel backpack has a laptop compartment designed to fit most portable computers up to 17 inches.

It his multiple pockets which will aid in keeping all of you valuables separated but easily accessible. Everything has a place and everything will be in its place. Pack all your gear and them some in this backpack. It has a large main compartment with oversized zippers, adjustable side compression straps.

It even comes equipped with airflow ventilation technology to keep it and you cool.

Overall it is a good size and is primarily for adults and larger children. Probably do not want to put this backpack on your four year old if you have it fully loaded.

If it is fully loaded, do not worry, it is ergonomically contoured, has a heavily padded back and padded shoulder straps for all day comfort will you are traveling.

While we are specifically talking about a travel backpack here, this would also make our best backpack for hiking review so do not sell it short just because you are looking for a travel backpack. This backpack can meet about any backpack need you have.

The only potential negative with this best travel backpack is it does not have a drink holder. Hey, can’t have everything.

If this travel backpack does not met your needs, check our Best Rated Backpacks for Traveling buying guide.



Leave your comments and suggestions below. Let us know what you think of our choice and if you have a better one!

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