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The title of this blog is a little miss-leading, when I started it I was going to include a number of different non lethal self defense options but after consideration I decided to talk about pepper spray as compared to a high voltage stun gun.

As you might have guessed I am planning a series of blogs about non lethal self defense options, so keep checking the blog.

I have a couple of blogs about stun guns, obviously I like them as a valid non lethal self defense option but today let’s talk a little bit about Pepper Spray.

Pepper spray is a stand off self defense option that projects the spray toward the target. It causesSABRE RED Pepper Gel Spray - Police Strength - Runner with Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Protection - 35 bursts, up to 5x's More) temporary usually debilitating burning sensation on all mucus membranes. Mainly the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs. You could expect that you target will immediately slam shut their eyes experiencing temporary blindness.

Usually the effects of Pepper Spray are about 15 to 30 minutes of temporary blindness, the burning sensation on the skin might last up to 60 minutes and uncontrollable coughing might last up to 15 minutes.

It should be noted that if the target has other medical problems such as asthma Pepper Spray could be lethal. If they are attacking you that will probably not be a huge concern for you but I just thought you should know there are a some potential risks.

What is in Pepper Spray, capsaicin is the active ingredient.

How well does it work? Most of the effects I have already listed above but one thing to keep in mind is that the percent of capsaicin used makes a difference. Most personal pepper spray contains between .18% to 3%. Law enforcement uses 1.3% to 2%. If I were purchasing I would focus on the higher end of percentage of capsaicin.

As far as a distance deterrent goes I like Pepper Spray a lot. However, if I had to choose I think I would still go with a High Voltage Stun Gun over Pepper Spray. I think I just like the arcing sound the stun gun makes.

Both are good, it really depends on what you are comfortable with and if being able to engage a target at a distance is your overriding concern. In my mind I am always thinking that the need for self defense might be more close quarters so Pepper Spray might not be the best alternative. You can surprise a target with a well concealed powerful stun gun.

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