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Are you looking for the best Bluetooth headphone for running or anything else that matter, please continue reading.

From time to time we update our best of articles with a special product review of a unique product we come across and want to give special recognition.

Today we want to discuss a cool set of what we consider one of the best Bluetooth earphones we found.

What makes these Bluetooth earphones special. A number of things really stand out. First of all their size, these are small earphones that have a lot of awesome features despite their small size. The biggest complaint we have in regards to their size is you might find it hard to keep up with them.

There are a number of things that really surprised us about these Bluetooth earphones, primarily because of there size. The have great sound and offer the high quality bass performance they claim. Not very often does a product actually perform at the level they promise.

Battery life was very good as compared to other earphones and Bluetooth wireless headphones we have used in the past. We are always forgetting to charge our exercise headphones so it is great to have them actually hold a charge for an extended period of time. These best rated earphones charge right in their holding case which is cool and convenient.

These are designed to fit everyone but as with any earphone of this type some people may struggle with the fit. We did not have a problem, but it is a fairly consistent negative when using earphones that fit inside the ear. As mentioned, not a problem we had but that is the one thing to watch out for.

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Ok, so here are the best Bluetooth headphones for running (or whatever) we have been bragging about.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Premium Sound – Super Strong Bass – 1200 mAh Charging Capsule – Secure Fit – Easy to Pair by Zitenious

  • ►SMALL & POWERFUL SOUND: True wireless bluetooth connection is tangle-free. This pair of small earbuds are with HD quality sound and the best bass performance, you can wear them comfortably, hidden and suitable for every activity.
  • ►COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENT & SECURE: The Zitenious Bluetooth headphones are TRULY WIRELESS earbuds. The best part… NO CABLES between the earbuds or anywhere close to them. Enjoy hours of music listening without any fuss of tangled wires. The True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for any sport. From working out at the gym to running, hiking, or just basically commuting, these earbuds are a perfect fit for any occasion.
  • ►STRESS FREE CONNECTIVITY WITH MICROPHONE AND MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTON: The earbuds connect to each other effortlessly by just taking out of the charging case and turning them on, they automatically connected. Stop trying to connect your earbuds together and then connecting them to your phone with other earbuds that promise more, the Zitenious True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are truly stress and hassle free. With a single button, you can take a call, play music. You can also use them separately
  • ►GO DAYS WITHOUT CHARGING: Feel confident that your charging case gives you 15 Times of charge life and you have a 1500 mAh Uniquely designed Charging Capsule than any others).
  • ►REALLY AMAZING CHARGING CASE: The 1200mAh charging capsule (included) is so beautiful and so powerful that will charge on the go (up to 15X). Compatible with Apple Watch Series 3

Completely Free From Wires The TWS Capsule from Zitenious offers complete freedom without wires. With full audio streaming via Bluetooth, these compact earphones let you jam to your favorite beats while offering complete freedom of movement. Perfect for those who Workout, Exercise, Gym, Running, Jogging, Hiking, commuting so you can leave those snagged wires and tangled cords in the past, and focus on what really matters.

A Perfect Fit  It has never been more important for your earphones to fit well. Lightweight and sweat-proof, these earbuds are designed in ergonomics, so they are secure and comfortable in your ears.
They’re easy to wear for hours, and perfectly suited for sporty and sweaty activities. You can choose from several different sizes of ear tips for a precise and customized fit, so they’ll stay attached whether you’re hitting the trails or the gym. The TWS Micro earbuds look great with every outfit.

Incredible Sound Compact, yet powerful, these sporty earbuds offer serious sound. Equipped with premium audio components, the TWS Micro earphones deliver crisp, balanced audio that nails the full
spectrum of low and high frequency tones. You can reach to maximum bass performance with secure fit.

You don’t have to just take our word for these top rated Bluetooth earphones.

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Here are some actual product reviews:

Just received my headphones today 12/30/17 after ordering on 12/26. I was initially skeptical due to the relatively low price and the bad reputation of products from China. With that said, I am more than satisfied. The sound is amazing, the ease of pairing/syncing is just as easy as advertised! Sleek design and I like the charging capsule. Couldn’t be happier!

Completely wire free. You just get a pair of mini earbuds. These headphones work great! You even get a nice distance away from the phone. With these, I can listen to music while working and not get tangled up in the cord. The noise isolation is amazing, I even can’t hear if someone is trying to talk with me. I would definitely recommend these.

These are probably the BEST bluetooth headphones that I have ever purchased! Truly wireless! I gave this product a five star rating because the product fits my ears very well and comfortably with no irritation! I use these during my work outs and my earphones never fall which is a quality that I definitely look for. The truely wireless earphones are very easy to pair with your bluetooth enabled devices that allow me to listen to my music very easily. I love the design and love the bass. These are perfect for listening to my favourite music. The charging case has 1200 mAh battery, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery on the Twins Earbuds. The overall product is great and I will definitely be recommending this product and purchasing more for gifts!

When I first received these I was excited. Immediately after pairing them I had trouble trying to get them to stay in my ears. I swapped the sizes and found one that stayed fairly well but I could rarely hear the bass. I then noticed that I put them in my ear backwards *facepalm* the slightly stem part of the bud is suppose to go upward in your ear not hand down. Soon as I did that they fit perfectly and I could hear the bass booming in my ears. Love these so far! And no where as costly as the other brands.




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  1. Anyone know how to get a hold of a Ziteneous user manual? Can’t get the two units to pair together.

  2. BS!!!! These headphones are trash!!! I bought them for my workouts BUT EVERY SINGLE Time I’ve worn them they cut off and on, off and on, off and on, off and on, off and on, off and on, off and on….. Yes its THAT annoying!! They have great sound and sound canceling qualities but if you can’t hear them because they can’t figure out how to stay connected than they become more or less useless…. A paperweight. Why?!?! WTF do they do that?! None of my other Bluetooth headphones do it, only these ones. Can’t get into the groove of my exercises while wearing these because they don’t allow for a metronome of any degree. I have tried to use them time and time again hoping, prayi g that they would work but nope. They basically cut off like they lose the Bluetooth connection and about 2-6 seconds later start playing again. Turn your head to far to the side? Stop playing. Set phone down!? Stop playing. Cover your ears? Stop playing. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

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